Add data sources

Ingest data from any source. You'll be able to query across all sources.

Unify all your disparate data sources into one analytics database. Each source is a table.

  • Follow this guide to connect any event-based data sources
  • View data inside a source, and write complex queries with AI

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Looking for another data source? Request it here

Add any new event-based data source:

Like Stripe, Supabase, or Segment (see source-specific guides in the docs sidebar).

  1. Tap into a workspace in your Velvet dashboard
  2. Tap "Add a data source"
  3. Name your source
  4. Copy the webhook link (follow the instructions in the next section)

Once you've created the source link in Velvet, you can drop it into a third-party source or use our Events API to capture custom events from anywhere.