Set up Typeform as a data source.

Collect real-time events from Typeform. You'll be able to query these events in the editor.

Add Typeform as a Velvet source

Create a new event type source in Velvet.

  1. Tap into a workspace in your Velvet dashboard
  2. Navigate to "Data sources"
  3. Tap "Add a data source"
  1. Select an event type source. Name the source.
  1. Copy the webhook link

Send webhooks from Typeform

You can use the Typeform Webhooks API to send events to Velvet. If you get stuck, read further docs from Typeform here.

  1. First, generate a personal access token if you do not already have one.
  2. Log in to your account at Typeform. In the upper-left corner, in the drop-down menu next to your username, click "Account".
  3. In the left menu, click "Personal tokens", then "Generate a new token".
  4. In the Token name field, type a name for the token (so you can identify it in the future).
  5. Choose needed scopes (the API actions this token can perform - or permissions it should have). See here for more details on scopes.
  6. Click "Generate token".
  7. Next - Pass your personal access token in the Authorization header of your requests.
  8. Make a call to the PUT method via Postman or Insomnia. Endpoint: https://api.typeform.com/forms/{form_id}/webhooks/{tag}. (form_id: For example, in the URL "www.usevelvet.dev/e/KHjbjThJPM18" the form_id is KHjbjThJPM18. tag: Unique name you want to use for the webhook.)
  1. Populate the body. Paste the webhook URL you copied earlier into the url field. Set the enabled field to true if you want to send responses to the webhook immediately.
  2. Send the PUT request.
  "enabled": boolean,
  "url": "string"

From this point on, we’ll create a queue of events from TypeForm. You can query them in your Velvet workspace.

Migrate historical data

If you have pre-existing data, we can set up a one-time or recurring data migration.

Email [email protected] to start a data migration process. Include your Velvet account email, which data source you want migrated, and any other relevant information.