Set up Hubspot as an event-based data source.

Capture Hubspot webhooks to get real-time data on every action your users take.

Add Hubspot as a source

Follow the steps (see the screenshots below).

  1. Tap into a workspace in your Velvet dashboard
  2. Navigate to "Data sources"
  3. Tap "Add a data source"
  4. Name your source “Hubspot”
  5. Copy the Hubspot webhook link

Add a data source.

Name your data source.

Copy the webhook link.

Capture webhooks from Hubspot

If you get stuck, read further documentation from Hubspot here.

First, set up scopes in your app so you can create a webhook subscription:

  1. Subscribe to CRM events: Configure your app to require the
  2. Subscribe to conversation events: Configure your app to require the
  3. In Hubspot, locate your app.
  4. Navigate to "Settings" > "Scopes". Expand this section to view a list of available scopes.
  5. Select the scopes your app requires to function properly.
  6. Click the "Save" button to apply the selected scopes.

Next, set up webhooks:

  1. In your Hubspot developer account, navigate to your app dashboard.
  2. Click into your app.
  3. Navigate to Webhooks in the sidebar.
  4. In the "Target URL" field, paste the Velvet Hubspot webhook link from above.
  5. Use the "Event throttling" setting to adjust the maximum number of events you want to send.
  6. Click Save.

Great job, you’ve connected Hubspot as a data source. From this point on, we’ll create a queue of every event you’re sending from Hubspot and collect them in your Velvet workspace.